Theaburf 7 months

Dear Little Bird -
7 months and we are going!  Crawling, pulling up, and over, and cruising.  
You love to play in the little house we have.
You pretty much know how to use toys you get that a rattle shakes, a car drives, and the fake phone. 
You loooooove to eat baby food and often throw a fit after its all gone.
You weigh in at around 15lbs
You smile like popeye when you are super happy.  
You love the bath especially when there's splashing.
We found a swing and you are a fan especially when Jonesy pushes it.  
You adore Jonesy you watch him intently and want to do what he is doing. 
You moved out of your bassinet thing into the pack and play while we transition Jones to his toddler bed.
You explore with your hands more especially faces. 
You clap for everything.
You are starting to try and wave too.
We love having you as our little bird.
Love you much!
Also including this photo because I love it so.

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