Conversations with Jones - New Baby

The other day in a long car ride back from a family reunion jones and I were having conversations and this one struck me rather funny.  To preface this there had been a lot of babies at the family reunion.  It's the type of thing I wish I had recorded so I figured it would add it here...
"Mommy Honey - can we get a new baby?" - J
"Umm, we have baby Thea." - Me 
"No a new baby." - J
"Nope, four makes a good family - we have mommy, daddy, Jonesy and Thea.  That's 4. 4 is good." - Me 
"4 is good?" - J
"Yes." - Me
"No 7 is good.  I want 7." - J
"Probably not buddy.  We like 4." - Me 
"But new baby? Daddy should have the new baby. 7." - J
"Daddy are you hearing this?  Jonesy daddy's don't have babies."  (Me poking not Dustin to see if he is listening).
"Yes. Daddy can have babies mom. Yes."- J
"Daddy's don't usually have babies."
"My daddy can."
"Well... Let's turn on our CD."  (Me changing the subject).
Photos from a pit stop we made because Thea needed a diaper change.  Jonesy was pretending daddy wearing his hat, sitting in his seat, testing the belt, Windows, and locks - he also ordered a "dr pepper" because it's a "adult beverage".  I love this age.

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