For Thanksgiving we wanted to be home and so we invited both families to our house.  Dustin's family couldn't join us but part of mine did and we also had a few exchange students, which was fun.  

Jones helped me with the turkey.  He was more than willing to stuff it full of onions and oranges. He also helped baste it with butter.  Mom helped make a few dishes which was perfect, since I have two small babies.  Lita brought rolls and our new student friends brought dumplings. 

Everything was so good.  We enjoyed the meal.  Thea ate her first turkey and probably enjoyed sweet Potatoes the most.  Our friends have never eaten anything we prepared, and they enjoyed potatoes and sweet potato casserole the best. 
We cleaned up and ate pie. They also liked pie. 
Afterward we played Yahtzee and talked.  So fun.  

Our guests really enjoyed my kids since they don't have many babies in their family.  
It was a lovely thanksgiving. 

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thea said...

I especially love the first picture or you, the kids, and the uncooked turkey.
Happy New Year!!