Jones was equally enamored with Halloween as he was with the pumpkins.  I didn't really ask what he wanted to be for Halloween because he doesn't understand the question.  Instead, I just decided on spider for him and flamingo for her.   I got to work making their costumes.  Jones was super simple sweats + extra arms and a pod.  I gave the pod a Spider-Man look because he loves Spider-Man books.  And I made it easy for him to take off if he wanted too.  

Theas was a little more complex I made a simple tutu, wings from felt, and a "hat" for the neck/beak/eyes.  The first one Thea was not a fan of because she could tell it was on.  So I made an alternate from a knit hat we had.  

Both costumes were uber simple and I just did my own thing without a pattern.  Just with photo ideas.  
Anyhow they wore them several times to various events, Halloween parade, trick or treat etc. Jones loved it and thought Halloween would just keep going.  Surprisingly he forgot about his candy which was good because Dustin ate all his favorite things.  Jones's favorite part was Trick or Treat.  

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