Theaburf at 9 months

Oh baby!  So far this is my favorite.  You are spunky girl spunky. 
You growl at me with your fists held high.  
You lay your head on my and snuggle. 
You watch me as I do chores. 
You want to play games with jones and I. 
You want to taste EVERYTHING.
You crawl, cruise, dance, and climb.
You are taking your first unassisted steps.
You blow bubbles.
You give kisses.
You wave.
You clap.
You bring joy.
You are learning to play peekaboo usually covering your forehead not your eye.
You say dad.

You understand your name.
You adore jonesy.
You try so hard to throw a ball but struggle with release.
You laugh at raspberries on your belly.
You like to fall asleep on daddy.
You like to pull daddy's beard.
You reach for me often.
I love you to wear big bows.
I love how you watch for me and get so excited for me to pick you up.
I smell your head and soak up the last of the my babies.
I call you bird, and baby lady.
I love you so.
Love mommy

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