Christmas in 5 minutes

I didn't want to just jump over Christmas.  This Christmas season was so fun for Jones. He was excited for Santa, he loved the story of baby Jesus's birthday, he enjoyed the crafting and tree, and decor.  He wished Christmas kept going on forever.  Thea was also equally into it although I think because she was watching Jones.  Even a month later he asks me questions about Christmas, sings jingle bells, and he asked if it was Jesus's birthday at church this week.  

It's a good reminder of the magic and joy of the Christmas season.  And I hope we can inject a little of that from time to time throughout the year.  
Here's a list of things remembered from the season: 
Jones giving Santa high five. 
Santa asked Jones what Thea wanted for Christmas with no hesitation his response was "snacks".  (This is so her).
Thea in the snow suit hardly able to move at the tree farm.

Jones attempting to saw the tree down.
Jones expecting a hayride at all Santa sightings after the one at the tree farm.
The kids fascination with the antique glass bulb ornaments. (We broke 6).
Jones wanting to hang all ornaments next to the monkey on the tree.
Theas Christmas bows. 
Thea climbing into present boxes.
Jones's Christmas band. 
The fighting over the train set pieces.
Thea hugging presents as she opens them. 
Jones watching grinch with uncle Shannon.
Christmas swimming.
Brickmas with uncle JJ, auntie Lita and grandma. 
Uncle jones bible reading at dinner. 
Ninjabread house making.
Playing after auntie Lita's Christmas party and Jones wanting to do everything the big kids did. 
Our small group party with one overflowed living room. 
JJ being our official toy putter together. 

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