10 Items on My Scrapbook Table - Tuesday 10

I was going to write a list about the criminal who was arrested in my backyard last night. But I'm running low on creativity and I'm tired tonight so if you see me you'll just have to ask about that. Here's today's list all about the mess on my Scrapbook table.
10 Items on My Scrapbook Table:
  1. An Unopened Package from Janelle
  2. A box of adhesive from Oriental Trading
  3. A stack of goodies for Jeanne
  4. Goodies for this weekends crop
  5. Scrap paper that needs to be filed in with it's friends.
  6. Assorted magazines I haven't reviewed yet.
  7. Valentines
  8. My tin of Pressed Pennies (If you have a good idea about how I might be able to make these into a mini book or display them some how let me know?)
  9. Random Stuff from the $1 store.

1 comment:

rmeyfe said...

Sounds like my desk right now too!! I call it Scrap Mountain!! Darren likes to joke that "it's gonna blow" meaning that if the kids looks at it funny everything will come toppling down.

Have fun at INDY - wish i could have gone!!