Jones and Co Rides again...

Jonathan, Lita and I took off for Cincinnati yesterday. We saw many sites here's handful of the photos we snapped along the way.

Outside the Cincinnati Museum Center
Inside the museum center I don't know why but I just found this poster a hoot.
On a Riverboat? I love this shot even though you can barely see me.
It wouldn't be a Jones tradition unless we snapped a few photos from the car while driving. Here's Yum Yum's I love their slogan.
Yet another Jones and Co tradition. Feet Photos, here we have our feet in Newport Kentucky.
I love this photo even though we are mostly hidden in the shadows.
An action shot. Jonathan looks a little scared of this jump.
I wish my tulips looked like this.
Cincinatus - of course we couldn't not visit him in our tour of Cincinnati.
Here we are at the Reds Game the photos Jonathan took at the game I think were better than mine but oh well.
Batter Up. I can't tell who this is but my guess since Lita took most of the photos it's Ryan Freel or Adam Dunn.
Here Jonathan and I are in our twinness. We got matching Reds shirts - aren't they the coolest?

Jonathan a few links for you re the flood, Click here, here and here, I didn't look to far into it but this is what my quick google search turned up.

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Margaret Lembcke said...

Wow! These photos are fabulous!!! Looks like you had a great time!!!