Meet the K-Uglies!

This is what I made yesterday. I also have some more in the works as well. I'm calling them all K-Uglies since I made them. They are super simple and you don't have to be a perfectionist which fits me to a T.

Meet - Fannie "Five" K-Ugly.
I like this semi-octopus body style a lot.
Gina K-Ugly
Gina was once upon a time a ballerina if you can't tell by the tutu.
And last but not least...
Clive K-Ugly


Corey W. said...

I *heart* Fannie!!

Janelle said...

Those are great, Katie! I especially like the octopus-looking one!

rmeyfe said...

I totally wanted to make some of these too after I saw her's!! Now that I see your's I totally want to do it but it might have to wait until we move!! Great job!!