An Easter Miracle!

My flight was early today! Can you believe that? I couldn't myself but it was. I then made it in record time from Baltimore to DC in like 30 minutes so I stopped by and saw the cherry blossoms most of them have blown off or died because of the cold. After my quick walk in DC I headed out to Vienna. Once there I took a much needed nap.

I've just eaten my easter dinner life ceral. It was very yummy and now I might take another nap. Happy Easter!

Here's a few snaps from today.

Me and the blossoms.

Jefferson Memorial and some blossoms.

Washington Monument and some tulips. It's too sad but the best shots I got were of the tulips.

And one from yesterday. Egg Dying at Mom's


Corey W. said...

great photos...love your shot of tulips and the monument. Now I'm going to go have some cereal! lol

Janelle said...

Great pics, Katie! And I'm glad to hear your flight was early, for a change!

rmeyfe said...

you are so the lucky, the cherry blossoms were always one of my favorite things to see!