Tuesday 10 - 10 things that don't need to be New

Well I am in lack of a topic today so I thought I'm taking this from something I read online a while back about 10 Things you Shouldn't buy New, my list is similar yet a little different. Don't get me wrong I love some NEWness too but I needed a topic for today.

10 Things that Don't Need to Be New:

  1. Cars - I love my "new" to me used cars and it was much cheaper. Something to note do research before you buy.

  2. Furniture - I love old furniture I only have a few things that we bought brand new. although somethings like matresses should be bought NEW. I am however always on the look out for the perfect sofa that I never seem to find.

  3. Books - Hello Used Bookstore and library sale - I love you (and I rarely read reading books).

  4. Gifts - not just regifting but repurposing something is also fun.

  5. Games - I love to get games at yard sales I think we have 5-6 games that I bought for like $0.25 each good ones too.

  6. Puzzles - Who cares if they are missing a piece so long as it's not the corner.

  7. DVD/CDs - I love a good used DVD or CD and my wallet likes the pricetags and just an FYI that movie rental places will often clean them from scratches for you.

  8. Jewelery - I don't really wear this but I like things with a little history and character.

  9. Houses - I really like old houses too. Sure it's a little more maintenance but before long new is old anyhow.

  10. Fill in the Blank - I ran out of things to list so fill in the blank with something I forgot.

Happy Tuesday my oven is beeping I better go check on supper.

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Jeanne said...

10. Used tools... good tools don't wear out, so we hunt for good ones at garage sales. :)