Tuesday 10 - Hey Baby it's HOT outside!

Well I have been spending most of my spare thoughts today on what I should make today's list about (please note I didn't have many spare thoughts as someone keeps interrupting them). But anyhow I came up with some great ideas but since it's so dang HOT outside none of them seemed better then making a list of things I like to do when it's HOT outside.
Tuesday 10 - Hey Baby it's HOT outside!
  1. Stay Inside (there's a novel idea)
  2. Eat Ice Cream - how can you not love some ice cream.
  3. Keep some waters in the freezer so when I'm ready to drink them they are nice and frosty!
  4. Go to the swimming pool (I think it's too hot for this even my pale skin would fry up).
  5. Run to the car and blast the AC pointing all the vents at me.
  6. Go to the State Fair - Unforunately I won't get there until the weekend though sorry Lita.
  7. Take nice cold showers.
  8. Curl up in a sweater in my office building (it's usually about 65 degrees in there).
  9. Sweat.
  10. Dread going outside as it makes me think about sweating.


Jeanne said...

Please stay inside... I've seen what you are like when you get overheated! :)

Margaret Lembcke said...

I totally can identify here....HOT in Texas! Thank God for AIR!