Baseball Game or Sausage Race??

We had a terrific day in Milwaukee today. Miller Park is very nice, however for me it was more about the Sausage race than the baseball game. I could not wait for it to come!

Here's the mascot Bernie Brewer he has this little slide he goes down when the Brewers hit a homerun. Here he can't wait for the homeruns. Jay and I see how nice I can center the photo.
Griffey striking out. :(
Cecil Fielder (remember him) this is his son whose name I don't know - who also struck out. :)
Today we got extra lucky and it was a sausage race relay where the big sausages hand off to little sausages. Italian Sausage signing some autographs. I love the sausages. In fact most of the pictures I took today were of them.
Chrizzo he has good form but that hat is not very aerodynamic!
Brat is talking smack during the pre-race.
Brat is off to an early lead. That silly sombarro is really holding back Chrizzo.
Mini Brat left the other sausages in the dust. he is quite the sprinter. Sadly the reds lost pretty badly but I did get a souvenir sausage and magnet for my fridge. Until tomorrow from Wrigley Field....


Stephanie said...

Great pics!! I will have to show Mckay the runners..

mel said...


Anonymous said...

LOL! I think I would love the sausage races, too!


Kim said...

what fun!!! You sure know how to have a good time!