I rode a city Bus!

There's a first time for everything and today was the first time I rode a City Bus (I wish I could upload my photos but I don't have my camera cord so you get the wordy version). Sure I've rode school buses and shuttle buses and even park and ride buses but until today I'd never ridden a bus in the city where you have to tell the driver where you want to get off and ring the bell.
But with a little bit of planning today after work I took the #71 bus into Harvard Square. Lucky me I planned it to the minute and didn't have to wait at the stop. This wasn't my orgininal intention though as I had all these grand intentions of reading my book I brought while waiting for the bus like I always see people do but oh well. So I hopped right on and paid the driver it's $1.50 in case you wondered and you need exact change. Well we traveled right into Harvard Square which should take about 2 minutes but in traffic it's more like 15 minutes but I was able to check things out while we rode so that was fun.
I got off at the Harvard Station which I think is the end of the line for #71 but I don't really know. If you wanted to you could pick up the train here and go someplace else but I'll save that for the next adventure. I wandered around the square for a while I found this groovy little store called the Black Ink and I picked up some goodies for a few people and I got a few fun ideas they even had some cool crafty supplies (I however don't have room in my suitcase which is probably best for my wallet). - Those of you on my post card list watch your mail as I'm no longer going to buy those 3 for $1 Postcards I have a who new concept coming to your mailbox you will LOVE it!
I wandered in and out of some assorted other shops a place called Curious George, Urban Outfitters, the Harvard Co-Op and a handful of other shops none of which are fabulously memorable. FYI I'm happy to report that people that go to Harvard also enjoy a good Polka dot as they had some special Polka Harvard Gear I guess even the elite and super smart know about Polka! I also started to wander around part of the Harvard Campus before it got dark and I was worried I might get locked out of the parking garage. So I sucessfully found myself to another #71 bus stop this time one that goes out to Watertown it wasn't even the same one. I wanted to shout "Look at me I can ride the bus!"
I got to wait at the stop just long enough to pop my book out and read a few pages. This time the bus was super busy so I got to stand and ride. FYI if you've ever seen me walk you know I don't seem to have good "inner balance" and I've been know to stumble over air so I'm sure the bus regulars were like why can't this women just stand there. But I didn't fall over so it was a successful ride. When I got close to my stop I got to ring the bell to get off (more smiles and cheers).
I went to pay on the way off and wouldn't you know like an idiot I had pulled out a dollar bill a quarter and some kind of money from England because it didn't want to get my Brit money. I felt like a complete idiot and fumbled around in my purse for my wallet and when I found it I realized I never zipped my coin purse and all the coins had spilled out. So I fumbled around some more feeling even dumber by the second. But THANK YOU #71 Bus driver - he was all cool about it and sweet about me being goofy and just let me get off - he even gave me back my British coin. So there you have it my very first every city bus experience. Even though I felt like a goof in the end it was actually very convienent and good experience as parking in Harvard Square is a huge pain in the rear.
Oh and since it's Tuesday here's my Tuesday 10.
10 Tips from Katie on Riding City Buses:
1. Pre-plan.
2. Know where you are going street names and stop names. If you can't memorize them all just know you on stop and off stop.
3. Take a book just in case you have to wait.
4. Know the number of the bus you want to take some stops have more than one bus picking up and dropping off.
5. Make sure you have exact change.
6. Or get a bus card - big bus stations, airport other sell these.
7. Have your money ready.
8. Push the yellow strip on the sides of the bus when you want to get off.
9. Practice good balance with a steady stance when stand riding.
10. Thank #71 Bus Drivers who let you off when you can't find your money.


Kim said...

Love the Tuesday 10! Glad the bus ride was a success..can't wait to see the pics!!

Jeanne said...

I love how you can make riding a bus a total adventure! :)

Pam said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your adventures! Waiting for the pictures!