Boston Photos

without furth ado here's the promised pics from my boston travels...

This place cracks me up. It's a place where you go to wash your dog. I didn't go in but from the window it looks like you might put them in a front loading washing machine. Although they did have little shower like stalls too.

This is my client's office. This photo isn't the best I should take one from the front of the building but I was at the gas station and I noticed I could see the office so I snapped this.
I love these! Boston has all these tunnels under there city so that the highway doesn't cut through town it runs under it. They always remind me of some hokey britsh movie I watched once where zombie's chase people out of the tunnel.
I would be reminsce not to mention these. Dunkin' Donuts is on like every corner in Boston actually from my last hotel window I could see two that were right across from each other. And they sell these in set of 3 and we all know I love SPRINKLES!
I had dinner at this cute little diner. I loved it.

Oh these are the sexy cheesey robes in my hotel room. How hot are these. Come on you know you want one?

And now for some bus ride photos most of my photos were dark as it was getting late when I rode the bus. But this is a sign I saw on the bus. 6 mph? Why not 5mph or 2? It seems so odd to have a 6mph sign and why is it that only the bus must go that speed?
Here's the bus. I snapped this from across the street as to not look to touristy.
Cambridge Square this was a happy accident photo. I love that it mostly looks bw but the signage.
Harvard - ivy league building don't look than much different than regular state colleges.

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Pam said...

I love all the photos. The doggie laundromutt is too funny!