Bass Pro Shops and Reds vs. Cubbies

Yesterday was a fun filled day. We drove from Milwaukee to Chicago and stopped in Gurnee at Bass Pro Shops, neither Jay nor is really outdoorsy but we like to see the critters and we always think we might like to take up camping or boating or something. They had these really cool albinio fish in with their 80 lb bass and a 4 ft something or another.

Oh and we took a little break next to this buck. We also shopped in some of the other stores although I think we spent all of $10 in the shops.
From there we checked into our hotel which was very nice. We left for the game around 5 thinking it might take 1 hour to go the 12 miles to the park and ride. HELLO! We could not have been more wrong. It took 2 hours to get there the interstate was gridlocked and when we got off we hit all sorts of traffic on the side streets. So we got to the park in ride just in time for the last shuttle to Wrigley right after the game started. We had a good time although I wish that we had gotten there a little sooner so I could see the park before it was dark and because I really haven't a clue how my camera works in the dark. Here's a few of the snaps I took. I think this is Phillips striking out.

And here we have someone pitching to Griffey I like that you can see where the ball is.
Oh and Keppinger I love his socks. This was right before he scored. I'm not sure why most of these are blurry I'm sure I had something on the wrong setting.
Jay and I - once again I'm looking dorky.
Oh and I love this. There's seats on the buildings and homes across from the park??? I'm not sure if you can get the just from this photo but those are bleachers on those buildings. How cool is that.
And the famous Wrigley Field sign. I wanted to get a photo of Jay and I in front of it however there were all these random people standing in the way. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Those bleachers on the house are odd.
I remember seeing them when we were there a few years ago. It wasn't a game day so we didn't get to go to a game.


Kim said...

Wow..these are great, too! I love that pic of you and Jay..you both are smiling so big! Happiness!!