Happy Turkey Day!

We had a lovely just Katie and Jay thanksgiving which was delightful. We cooked our own turkey and all the trimmings, played games, watched movies, and went for several walks and after all that turkey for lunch I just ate ice cream for supper (whoops). While it wasn't the craziness of visiting 1-3 houses it was nice to just have some just Katie and Jay time since I've been travelling a good deal of the year sometimes it's nice to just be the two of us.

Several things I'm thankful for this thankgiving: traveling and experiencing new things, having a room full for creativity and full of junk to create with, great no wait fabulous friends, a lovely though sometimes crazy family (who doesn't love a little crazy), sprinkles, polka dots, slushies, green beans and flip flops, and last but not least a guy named Jay who will let me cheat at scrabble.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Janelle said...

Sounds like you have much to be thankful for! :)