Tuesday 10 - Where in the World *Answers*

Yes I know it's Wednesday but I forgot yesterday was Tuesday. Clearly I don't know what's going on. Here's the answers to last week's Tuesday 10. And just in case you wanted to know I also am telling you who's feet were featured exciting stuff I know.

  1. Lake Michigan - Northern IN (Katie's feet)
  2. Columbus Zoo - Columbus, OH (Katie, JJ, Jono, Megan's feet)
  3. Jay's - Liberty, IN (Katie, JJ, Lita, Austin, Mom's feet)
  4. Louisville Slugger Museum - Louisville, KY (Katie, JJ, Jono, Megan's feet)
  5. Mt. Brockway, Copper Harbor, MI (Katie, Mom, Rachel, Sarah and Thea's feet)
  6. St. Louis Somewhere near the arch - St. Louis, MO (Katie and Jay's feet)
  7. World World II Memorial - Washington DC (Katie and Jay's feet)
  8. Milwalkee, Wisconsin someplace along the lake. (Katie and Jay's feet)
  9. National Portrait Gallery - Washington DC (Katie and JJ's feet)
  10. Newport on the Levee - Newport Kentucky (Katie, Lita and Jono's feet)

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