Celebrity Look-a-Like

Vince Gill (I wish I had a good photo of jay without facial hair)

Tina Fey (it's a little closer with straight hair but I couldn't find a photo)

Felicity Huffman with bangs

Marge Simpson (Hopefully you can laugh Stephanie)

Presidential Candidate Huckabee? (well the younger slightly slimmer version)

Elizabeth Shue and she loves a cocktail I wonder about crazy Tom Cruise?


Kim said...

fun stuff, KatieJ!

Judy said...

LOL at Marge Simpson!

Jeanne said...

How cool that you compared me to Felicity!! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

LOL!!! I enjoyed those!!! I thought It ws going to be bride of frankenstein

Pam said...

Yeah - I made your blog!!

Janelle said...

LOL, those are great!