I love to hate...

When there's no sprinkles for my ice cream.
Cable companies who really loves the racket they have?
Wet jeans.
A certain someone who's name starts with J and ends in n.
Laptop bags I have yet to find one I really like (and yes Jono I will pick another option out soon).
When I can't find something positive in all the negative.
The news see previous item.
Having to keep my shoes on.
When I run out of Bubble gum.
Tolls I love having nice smooth roads but seriously I hate them.
Supersized companies that can't appreciate their employees but like the millions/billions of dollars they make on the backs of these employees.
Sales people at Hobby Lobby who want to argue with me over what's on sale when I'm holding a sales paper.

What do you love to hate?


Kim said...

Good list! I love to hate some of those things, too!

Janelle said...

I like your list, Katie! I agree with many of those....

Mimi Russell said...

I'm sure glad MY name doesn't start with a J and end with an N. :)


Tiffany said...

ohhh Good list! I'll do mine in the morning, gotta put some thought into it!

:) Your blog is so cute and fun!