10 things I love right now...

A little love this month. I have been not so good with the Tuesday 10's but here's a little list...

10 Things I Love Right Now
  1. Snuggling with Jay (this is hard to do from over a 1000 miles away).
  2. Being in my own house.
  3. Project Runaway - TV totally sucks aside from this.
  4. Milky Way Cocoa from Dunkin Donuts goes nice with sprinkle donut
  5. Floppy - I love him all the time.
  6. CE Bigelow Lip Shine - Fabulous!
  7. New experiences new things.
  8. Polka dots - still loving them.
  9. Letting Janelle think she can beat me.
  10. Snow!


Dawn said...

LOL at #9!

Janelle said...


Pam said...

love it! I saw a polka dotted cow today - next time I drive by I will get a pic for you!

Laura said...

great list Katie! Polkies are everywhere!