Philly Airport Part Duex

I know I have said it before but I HATE the philly airport. After waiting in the terminal for a few hours. We go to board a new plane and then sit on the runway waiting 2 hours to take off only to find out a storm was coming and we needed a new flight plane oh and new fuel. So we returned to the gate to sit there for another two hours to be refueled and some passengers flirted with the idea of getting out and flying home tomorrow which held up for more time. And then we finally got pushed away from the gate to wait another 2 hours to take off. We finally got back to Indy around 2am only to discover that the ground crew to get us off the plane was busy with another "delayed plane" so we waited a while to get off. Thank goodness we finally got off because sometimes sitting in a commuter jet for around 9 hours just isn't fun.
But I'm back home now so that's good news.

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Jenn said...

I just don't envy you but I have to ask (as you did) how the heck philly is between Boston and Indy. Yes, it's me... Nursm0m.