Congratulations Julie and Jason!

One of my oldest and dearest friends got married yesterday. Doesn't she look so pretty. I'm so happy for her as I know she's wanted to get married for a while. She made all the decorations and programs and everything and it was super beautiful she's so creative. Congratulations Julie and Jason here's to a lifetime of happiness and love.
A few photos I took I'm so horrible about taking them at weddings. Julie and her dad doesn't she look like him?
Julie and Jason and more old friends Carrie and Russ.
Julie's table decor (no the beer is not part of the decor).
Me and Lauren.
Jay and I on the way out the door.
Carrie (she's expecting in like a month more congratulations), Russ, Lauren and me.


Kim said...

Love the pics..looks like a beautiful wedding and a great time!

Karen C said...

Wonderful photos! The bride looks so pretty and so do you, KatieJ!