greetings from philadelphia airport

what the heck am I doing here you might ask?
Well my flight from Boston was mid-air when some kind of immediate landing warning light went on and we had do an emergency landing. Funny thing I didn't know that Philadelphia was between Indy and Boston but apparently USAirways thought it was.
So here I sit at gate F7 waiting for some chance that we might get another plane. Our first one is not so much leaving here for a while. And it seems that I can't get on the flight from Philly to Indy as it's sold out. How fun is that?
But on the good news front I made a new friend Preevan (sp) who was traveled from White Plains, to LGA and then to Boston and then to Indy so that poor guy has it worse off he's been trying to get home since 10 am this morning.

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Kim said...

Oh my stars for the love of Liza...you poor woman! Sorry about the delay on top of delay on top of delay!