The 3 Hour Tour....

Well it was more like 4 hours but they tell you it will be 3 hours. Whale watching was everything we hoped it would be today (although it made me wish I had lense with more zoom). We saw about 10 different Humpback whales. Humpbacks are about 50 feet in lenght and I think it was like 80,000 lbs. We got to see a mother and calf nursing, and whales eating and creating bubble nets, and them stunning the fish, and there was some diving - no breeching but it was still truly awesome. Without further ado I'll just jump to some of the pics I took.
One of the light houses we based leaving Boston Harbor.
A blue fishing boat.
The skyline the clouds look cool.
Me after I've been wind blown.
A cargo ship isn't it pretty.
Another lighthouse.
And now for the whales. Some tail.
Mother and calf (left). The calf was nursing.
More tail. I love how they put their tails up before diving.
Feeding time. This is them eating in a bubble net the one on the right has his mouth wide open.
More tail.
Dining with birds. I love that the birds will just sit right on the whales back and eat. They also seem to eat right from his mouth.
This one is called Reflection.
More eating.
I think this is him draining the water out of his mouth.
Not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow but I'm sure we'll enjoy ourselves.


pat said...

These are WONDERFUL!! Thanks for linking the Peas over to these. LOVE the shots with the mouths--you don't see those very often. Nice work! I did some whale watching in Hawaii, and it is the most awesome experience.

Jodie said...

Katie, wow, what a cool experience! Love your photos. My fav is the one where you are looking back at the shore line.