Stumbling around the city

if you know me. Then you know that is a literal saying. I have trouble walking and chewing gum and I love to do both. So back to this post Jay and I stumbled around this afternoon and evening here's a few of the things we passed (Jay was a little more tolernate of my paparazziness today too btw).
This was a spray painted stencil on a cement block. Isn't it cool? I have no idea who it is but I think it's fun.

And me waiting for the stoplight
look a moose?
MIT Stata - I don't really know what this building is but I love it. Google here I come.
Here's the sign outside the building.
And another shot (did I mention I love it)
And somehow we ended up in the Boston Harbor so I managed to get Jay to almost be still for a shot.
This skyline shot is much better. I like this one.


jen said...

always love your pictures!!

Jeanne said...

I have seen you stumble around a few times!!

I think that building has something to do with geeks. Pretty cool looking ;)