Weekly 4

Starting something new. Each week I'm going to have a weekly 4 I will post it any day of the week, and it will be about anything.

  1. Craftfest! Took the day off today for a little crafting and just a break from work. I haven't started yet but I did get new fun book. 100 things to do with your sewing machine or some such non-sense. But now I've taken over the living room with my craft tables and supplies so let the crafting begin.
  2. Moviefest! I also rented a bunch of movies as who doesn't love a moviefest with a craftfest. (That and Jay's working a double tonight so he won't be home until 5am). I'm also very excited that the Sex in the City Movie is out I asked Jay to take me and he wanted no part of it this weekend perhaps next weekend instead.
  3. Home! Oh did I mention I'm home. In fact I moved out of my place in cambridge for the summer it's not very cost effective for me to live there if I won't be there but 3 -5 days a week and taking a few weeks off. My bags were super heavy and I crammed something like 100 things in them. But I got most of it home but I stashed some in my cube.
  4. Flip Flops! It's offically flip flop season here it's 80 something outside and lovely! My flip flops have been out all year but I broke down and bought a different pair just for the official season opener - although I'm still in love with the $3 walgreens polka-dot special.


Jodie said...

Yea! for crafts, movies, home and flip flops!! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I still can't figure out how you do those tote bags!

Glad you get a few days home!