Why can't they make women's gym shorts semi-attractive?

So today I went to the mall after work to buy some new gym shorts (I love being a block from the mall). And I discovered that women's gym shorts can fall into one of the following categories -
  1. Too short
  2. Too Tight (bicylce shorts are not in are they?)
  3. Manlike
  4. Too Baggy
  5. UGLY

So I settled for pants not shorts probably okay as then I won't have to shave my legs until it's like 20 degrees warmer here.

In other fun news Jay's coming here tomorrow night for a fabulously fun memorial day weekend in New England. We are kind of sad to not be home for the Indy 500 but we didn't have free tickets this year anyhow so we aren't that sad.

And because I love blogging with pictures. This is where I was one year ago today. Any guesses where it is?


Jodie said...

Hmmmm, Mexico? I should remember, but I don't. So, do tell.

Jeanne said...

Arizona :)