I love a Parade!

Even if it is just 7 fire trucks, 2 tractors, an antique car and a marching band. Liberty and and CC's parades are just that in fact the CC parade is the Liberty parade with a few more things. Too funny. I love that it never changes it's always exactly the same. I swear even the people in the parade are the same everytime. Anyhow you can't get the full effect unless you see the pics. I love it try not to be jealous!

Tractor #1
Firetruck #1
Fire Truck #2
Tractor #2
Look there's the band. Oh and my sister in it! (she's in the sunglasses - so serious)
fire truck #3 (I know this guy has driven a firetruck in at least 10 years of parades)
Fire Truck #4 Liberty does have a few fire trucks that wouldn't qualify for senior discounts.
Fire truck #5
Fire truck #6
Fire truck #7
Oh and not a firetruck but operated by the fire department it's the Dive Rescue Van! Woot Woot! And because I'm loving the 4th of July here's a weekly 4 to sum up my 4th of July weekend and because I love to write song titles I couldn't resist coming up with a few more:
  1. Fireworks may have given me West Nile
  2. Parade x 2
  3. Catching some Zzz's
  4. Patriotic Burnt Hot Dogs


Jodie said...

Katie, you crack me up! Thanks for the parade photos and the play by play. Felt like I was there! Now about the West Nile Virus.....

Mimi Russell said...

If it makes you feel any better, my kids were in the parade through downtown Aurora (the 2nd largest city in Illinois, you know!) And wouldn't you know it, one of the 100+ parade entries was a tractor. I did take a picture! One day, I might even blog it...