I saw Tall Socks Live!

just in case you are wondering is tall socks is a guy on the reds team who likes to wear his socks tall and pull his pants up. I love it! Too fun. Before the game I tried to find my very own red tall socks but I could not find any that were red. I'm sure Jay and Joe were not as let down as I was about that. Anyhow here's how things went...
We got there early to see the hall of fame. None of us hab been there before. Don't Joe and Jay look amused having to pose in the 95 degree heat while I run across the street.
unforunately we just missed the players (boo).
but we got to see fun stuff like... baby joe nuxall when he first played for the reds he was 15 yes 15 wild huh?
I won a spin the wheel game for charity and got a 50% off the hall of store purchase (yay). We saw the 3 reds world series trophies. We also saw a giant world series trophy.
We saw the wall with all of pete roses homeruns on it too cool. We smacked high fives with some greats that's me and johnny bench and joe in griffey sr.
joe and I climbed into a old cinergy locker. I love this photo even though we both are acting so goofy.
After they hall of fame we stopped in the store to use my coupon for 1/2 off unforunately it was for the baby sized museum store. What a let down that was but jay got a joe nuxall shirt. Then we went inside the game. It was free hat night! So we got free hats. note it was far too hot to wear the hats. It was also hall of fame night so we got to see some greats. Lucky us. They inducted Cesar Geronimo.

Joey Jay and Barry Larkin. Note if I was to get inducted into a hall of fame for anything like having a lot of colored buttons or wearing out the most pairs of flip flops - I will not spend my entire speech thanking sponsors and just barely mention family and friends like mr. larkin seemed a little rude. Anyhow back to our evening out. Each of the inductees threw out a first pitch here is Larkin pitching to Conceptcion (sp?).
A few rows down was superfan who has made it his person goal of taunting the mets left fielder. We thought it was funny. We saw mr. redlegs. We also saw some actually baseball, but these photos are so boring...zzzzzzzzzzz
Oh and it was a night game thank goodness as it was so hot. these are the lights and look at the sky so fun.
Oh look and I saw tall socks. See aren't the socks cool!

Oh and this always cracks me up. The groundscrew likes to do the YMCA during the 7th inning. too funny!
Another highlight - the Reds Won! Woot Woot! On the way to the car I got a security guard to take our pic the only one we got of the three of us. Joe and I even put on our new hats just for the occasion - boy do I look dumb in baseball caps.
It was a great night. I do love free baseball tickets.


erin said...

what a neat experience! i grew up a Reds fan and remember listening to Joe on the radio. That voice was so soothing to me for some reason!

Jodie said...

Neato! Love your pics. Great job, lots of fun!