Oldness but still cuteness

I started the task of scanning in all these photos JJ left with me a few years ago - I'm no where near done but I moved them off on to my external hard drive this morning and thought I would share a few before I forget about this project again. Luckily some of them are labeled who it is however most aren't labeled where or when. But what a treasure they are to have.

One that is not labeled but I would guess by the look of it I think it's my great-grandma dessie in Winfield, Kansas Southwestern College perhaps the 1910s?? Most of her face is shadowed by that great hat.
And here we have my great grandmother nettie pope and my great uncle dick and great aunt ila. pope farm in kansas but doesn't dick look adoreable in his jumper.
Here we have my great grandma dessie and nettie pope
oh and look how cute this one is. Here we have Sarah, Clell and Dessie my great grandma and her siblings I think I haven't looked a family tree in a while but I think that's right.
i love this one my grandma is in the middle with the flipped out hair how cute is she. Also photoed Jean, Ila, Ruth (my grandma), Marv, Gale and Ginny - Evelyn is taking the pic it says. Either Harpers Fairie or Silver Spring, MDgreat grandma Dessie again, Grandma as a baby, her sister ila, and great great grandma nettie pope. Dessie in this photo looks a bit like my mom.
This was is marked Bush Gardens Pasadena, CA. Here we have great grandma dessie, great-great grandma pope, and sarah - dessie's. But aren't their summer dresses lovely.
I did scanned some of the guys too I just have trouble figureing out who's who but this one I know. Here we have great aunt ila being held by my great grandfather howard white, and great grandma dessie holding baby richard. It hasn't weathered the best but I how cute are they.
And here we have Dessie with the ratio clerks which I'm guessing makes this the 1940s probably Oxford, Ohio as Dessie worked there during WWII.
and I think this one is just too funny. Bear drinking coke! lol pictured are nettie and jm pope my great great grandparents - I'm guessing the bear wrangler is nameless as is the other on-looker
That's all for now but perhaps I shall share some others soon there's a whole series from a congressional visit to Alaska that were part of one of howards photo albums and are well labeled perhaps I will share those next time, but now I need to run off to the post office and hit target.


erin said...

What a treasure to have! Those are some great photos! The bear photo cracks me up!

jen said...

oh my gosh!! these are awesome!! love old photos :) i really need to date and label my photos...