#49 End of Summer Activity

This weekend we had an end of summer Grillout.  Dustin has been wanting to have many grillouts all summer but having a baby and changing jobs makes such activities a challenge.  But we did it for Labor Day.   Dustin invited only a handful of folks rather than his usual 500.  But he did make the time from 11-7pm (this is quite a long timespan).  We purchased hot dogs and hamburgers and beverages.   40 or so people showed up throughout the day and we ran out of beverages and hamburgers.  But somehow we have about 40 bags of chips now.  It was a good time even jonesy enjoyed it.  Here are some snaps 
Erica and Artie with Artie #5 almost ready to meet us
Ryan and Amalee (ps she is the cutest)
All of Dustin's siblings (except Jessie) got to come and his cousin and her daughter too.
And the newly weds Ben and Kaity.  
Oh and our friends Quern and Ricky  and their boy Pierson.  I love this photo of Ricky and Pierson playing the guitars too cute. It's such an interesting perspective in my living room.

Anyhow considering this my #49 _______ Summer Activity because summer is running away and what's more summer than a BBQ in your side/backyard? 

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