Summer of Magic

This summer has been full of new experiences, challenges, and adventures.   I spent more time watching television then I probably have in the last five combined (breast feeding gets boring).  I easily didn't brush my hair 1/3 of the days, I walked around with spit up, baby pee and breast milk on my clothes.  I learned how to get by on three hours of sleep.  I never felt more like a grown up then when I started a college fund for my tiny baby. I perfected the art of cooking, laundry and eating one handed.  I discovered newfound patience for screaming.  I came to the realization I can tolerate baby crap (so long as it doesn't overtake my whole house).  I became more awkward while at the same time more confident.  
Most of all this summer has been filled with moments of magic.  Tiny baby magic that fills your heart when your baby smiles at you in his sleep, or snuggles his little head under your chin or  follows you around the room with his gray blue eyes.  Magic that fills rooms with screams you don't understand.  Magic that can only be a miracle from God.  Daily I have reminders of his Grace and I am most thankful for it.  It's truly been a magical summer.

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thea said...

What a cutie he is! They are so darn cute so that you can get through the tough times later ...