#12 Marriage Goals

On my list of goals #12 was to set goals for our marriage.  Dustin and I talked about these recently and wrote out our goals in terms of short term 18 months, and longer term the next 5 years.   We tried to be realistic.  And after we decided what where we were headed we also made "mini plans" for achieving some of them.  Here are some of them others are more personal so I am not sharing.  I think we are going to get a mini notebook to keep these in.
Short Term:
+ family van 
+ refinish all the floors
+ family house
+ michigan
+ family tradition
+ save $10,000 (this is probably crazy pants but you know)
+ pay off debt (school loan, car, cc)
+ determine career paths and small changes career wise
+ daily devotional time 
+ one big thing together

Long term:
+ Italy
+ South America 
+ missions trip
+ foster/adopt child 
+ start retirement
+ put career path steps into action (big changes)
+ repurpose building 

We struggled more with determining long term goals for some reason.  Five years isn't that long but in the last five years we both grew and changed so much it's just hard to say what's next.


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thea said...

nice list of goals.