#babyburf 3 months

Dear Babyburf - 
You turned three months on Friday.  Woe how did we get here?
+You sleep between 6-8 hours a night. 
+ You are mister smiles and talkative in the morning. 
+ You have discovered your hands which is priceless.  
+ You want to hold my fingers, your bottle, and usually a wash cloth.  
+You eat about 4oz at a time but like to eat more frequently and chase that with another 2-3 ounces. 
+ We introduced formula once or twice a day  and boo does it make you gasy and constipated.  
+ You weigh 10 lbs and 11 ounces and are still 23.75" long but you feet are bigger.  
You like to "use" Our cell phones.  
+ You are staring to sit up on your one and your core is very strong.
+  You absolutely think you are a big boy and want to sit upright or be held up to stand.  
+ You only want to cuddle when you are tired. 
+ You have playtime with mommy afterwork most days and you are very alert.  
+ You open your mouth when I kiss you and I can only assume this is you kissing me back.   

+ I still continue to be amazed by you and I am so glad you joined our family.  
+ Daddy carries you like a football - you love it.  
+ He also loves to push you in your stroller, he rarely let's mommy push.  
+ He still sings you silly songs and sometimes holds you up to dance to them.  
+ Daddy still thinks you need to wear overalls or stripes daily.  
+ He's also very protective of you and making sure you are safe. 
We love you little one. 

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