14 on 14 December

This month we were in Boston on the fourteenth which made the photos a little more fun.  Although we often take weekend trips so this is real life for us I was just thinking jones has been to like 10 states already.  Here's my 14 photos -
1 - baby + citigo sign in kenmore square he refused to look at me!
2 - friends on the T.  The baby slept thru his first subway ride!
3 - marzipan is so pretty.  We bought butter cookies instead they taste better
4 - the "legend" sharing a coke
5 - boxing
6 - the ferry boat (baby was asleep inside in the warm ferry)
7 - meeting house has a unicorn on top
8 - love this view of the harbor ps you can see my old corporate office on the right
9 - Charlestown naval yard.  SJ also gave the baby buddy the bison which he's supposed to take to all his national parks and photograph we started with this heritage one.  Jones is holding it.
10 - you used to be able to see the old north church but that new white monument is blocking it.
11- what's with the dot matrix and airlines?
12 - nice sleeping position 
13- boston common tree
14- home again gathering luggage

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