Babyburf 6 Months

Dear Babyburf -
You hit half a year about two weeks ago. This is my favorite age yet - everyday is an exploration it's so fun to watch.  You are so cheerful and you light up at just about everything.  A few things to note -
- You are now 19 lbs and 8 oz and 25.5 inches tall.
- We were separated for a few days while I traveled for work it was so hard.
- You looked for me in the phone and tried to get me in FaceTime.
- You got sick for the first time also while I was gone.
- Being sick made you so pitiful.  
- But you handled it like a champ always smiling and cuddling.
- You didn't want your nose wiped though which was annoying.
- You continue to explore new foods like pears, apples, zucchini, blueberries, honeydew and French fries
- Your favorite is still green beans and really just green veggies.
- You also love the wash cloth after your meal we call it dessert.
- You sit up solidly and reach for things with both hands.
- You start to move toward crawling position but can't move yet.
- You can however scoot backwards when on our hardwoods.
- You especially like to grab straws, hair, and glasses.
- Whenever guys hold you - you look for their beards to pull just like daddy's.
- You like toys that make noise.
- Favorite toy is the hungry caterpillar.
- you became and expert at sticking out your tongue.
- you also love to shake your head as if to say no.
- Mommy checks your hair growth daily. 
- I love mimicking your squeals and noises.
- I still detests your car seat and cannot wait to graduate to the bigger one.
- I love watching you play by yourself.
- and you constantly want to do whatever I am doing, which is too cute.
- I so enjoy when you reach for me to take you or pick you up.
- I enjoy playing the "are you ready game" and making you cackle at the end.
- Daddy gets you dressed many a morning and you often pee on him or on the changing table.
- Daddy loves when you fall asleep on his chest.
- He loves cuddling you after work.
- He also loves posting pictures mommy sends him throughout the day onto social media.
- He was very excited for Christmas and your 1/2 birthday and bought you a play table and a handful of Christmas presents.
That's all for now.  Love you very much.

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thea said...

He's getting so big .. can't wait to meet him .