2 - Thea's birth story

Baby Thea this is your story of your birthday as recorded by me... 
At my 41 week checkup while 5cm and 100% effaced - there didn't seem to be much progress from the prior week.  So we discussed the scheduled induction with my doctor.  Dustin was very anxious and my doctor was getting ready to leave on vacation.  While I was perfectly okay with letting it ride since you seemed to be okay.  The best option seemed to be to schedule the induction and meet you already.  So with that said they booked us in at 6am the next day.  We went home packed.  Tried to spend time with Jones tried to explain to him about the baby coming tomorrow and grandma and Lita coming to visit.  I stayed up waaaay to late doing things but you it happens.
Before we get into the real gritty details I want to also tell you - I wanted to have natural child birth with you I wanted it for Jones too but after like 20 hours of labor I was crazy and caved.  This time I didn't want to give in.  I went in with all these breathing techniques and positions etc.  more determined then before I was going to be focused.  
The next morning we arrive at the hospital and check in during a fire alarm. This does not seem like it gets us off on the right foot.  We make a few jokes about it.  The nurses then ask me a million questions and have me put on the hospital gown.  They then run my IVs - it took them 4tries to get it in and they had to call in another nurse.  Again this seems to be terrible.  But at least when it's done we start the induction process.  It goes really slow at first - this is intentional since I have the gbs and we are trying to get the antibiotics.  
My day shift nurse Tammy comes in at like 7:30 and she seems awesome.  We talk about 1000 things and watch the monitors.  Just as we get settled in as good friends and they pull her for a csection since my contractions are very minor and only every 4 minutes.   So I then am sharing a nurse who I don't even know her name.  This makes me feel like labor will be all day and night like with jones. 

I find I am very bored.  I read a devotional, I start a podcast, I text a bunch of people.  Daddy is very nervous he eats several meals and snacks.  And can't figure out what to do with himself.  
can't seem to get comfortable on the bed but they are having issues getting consistent readings so they ask that I wait to be up moving around.  They turn up the pitocin.  The doctor was planning to break my water at 11 but no progress so we wait.  This makes me feel even more like things will be all day and night once we stopped walking with jones progress seemed to slow down.
But I am patient, I pray and continue to podcast, and text.  Around 1 - I have a few contractions in my back which make me jump right out of the monitors and the bed - these contractions don't even show on the monitors.   The nurse of course comes back to readjust the monitor.  She tells me the doctor will not be breaking my water until after 3 and turns up the pitocin.  She says that the pitocin may not be working.  She says get a good read on the baby monitor and we can switch to the rocker or the birth ball.  
I go back to texting.  I have like 4 more back contractions and then need to use the restroom.  So Daddy helps me unhook and I go to the bathroom.  While in the bathroom I get an overwhelming hot flash, then have 4 sudden super strong contractions I couldn't even count to ten in between them. I yell for Dustin (who's like what what?).  I debate between sitting on the cold tile bathroom floor and dying or walking back to the bed.  While debating I get another contraction and decide while the cold floor seems appealing I need to get you out.  
I walk out into the room and tell (probably yell) Dustin "I cannot do this.  I am dying."
His response is "I told you to just get the epidural"
Another contraction hits me and I grab at him and scream at him "no.  I am dying!" As I regain my breath and attempt to sit on the bed my water breaks this is 2pm. It literally comes with a contraction and great pressure and I feel like I am peeing all over the side of the bed and floor I can't even open my eyes to look down another contraction hits - "I can't do this!"  I say again.  
Dustin says "where's the call button?  Your water broke."
To which I yell "there's no button. I can't do this!" (Mind you I was informed of at least 5 buttons at check in, in this moment they don't exist).
He makes sure I am actually sitting on the bed gripping the rail instead of him and runs to the hall for help.  
He apparently runs to the nurses station where the Lactation specialist is briefing like 10 nursing students.  And declares "my wife's water just broke,  we need a nurse."  Since I had declined students the Lactation specialist was the first to arrive she pages my nurse upon seeing me and a whole bunch of nurses show up.  I am in some kind of weird state yelling, and grabbing Dustin and trying to remember to focus and insistent that I am dying and can't  breathe but nobody is listening.  They try to calm me down I think I snap at them.
They check me and discover I am pushing with my contractions and the baby is crowning.  And someone pages my doctor or any doctor.  They try to get me to put my feet in the bed I try not to.  
A doctor shows up she is Indian like some kind of crazy lunatic I talk to her in a fake Indian accent.  She tells me the baby is coming.  
Voices are everywhere and I am still insisting this is me "dying" and "I can't breathe".  A nurse Stacy gets in my face and she refocuses me.  And some point in this chaos I push twice no fancy breathing no counting just contraction and push and you come just like that.  They put you on my belly for a minute seconds while I keep having contractions and I keep screaming "I can't I can't."  Stacy tells me that already here to look and see you.  the doctor asks Daddy to cut the cord he declines and I can't seem to understand. They move you over the warmer.  I keep having contractions and deliver the placenta probably a minute after you.  
I am still insisting "I can't and no no no" and Daddy and Stacy keep telling me that you are here.  The contractions finally stop and I seem to regain my sanity.  I keep telling the nurses to give me you and that you are mine.  they are checking you because you delivered so fast "spontaneous" they called it.  Looking for bruises etc.  Our doctor arrives just as everything's all done - she congratulates us and looks you over.  
They stitch me up and I finally hold you and feed you.  I am shocked to discover you have a little bit of blonde hair.  You are so long and lean and perfectly pink.  You nurse like a champ from the beginning.  I am shaking like a crazy person but I am surprised to discover I am 100x less sore than with jones and I don't even want Tylenol or anything.  I actually get up like 15 minutes after you are born and go to the bathroom to change and get cleaned up.  Daddy holds you and takes your picture.  And he texts everyone people I had been texting are shocked to discover you came so fast -12 minutes as I had been texting them minutes before my water broke.  
I am so grateful you came in 12 minutes with maybe an hour of contractions because I am certain my level of crazy would have gotten crazier.  I say a prayer of thankfulness while snuggling you.   We are so very thankful for you little Thea Corrine.  
Born 2:12pm weighing 7 lbs 14.5 oz and 21.5 inches long.  
And that's your birth story or how your mommy goes temporarily insane.  

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thea said...

love that you were able to tell the story so well. sorry it was so crazy for you.