Theaburf 1 month

Dear Thea - 
If we thought time flew by with jones it flies by faster with two babies for sure - here we are at one month of being your parents.  
So far you are our screamer.  
You scream at diaper changes.  
You scream at baths. 
You scream when you go in your seat. 
You scream when you wake up.
You scream when the car stops.
You scream when I take your pictures.
Seriously lots of screaming.

But you are also a champion nurser.  You latch and eat anywhere and everywhere.  
You are starting to smile. 
We call you "little birdie".because of the way you move when hungry. So cute. 
You like to stay up late while daddy plays video games.  
You wear lots of bows and tutus.  
You like to sleep on mommy.  

You also love to nap in the baby carrier. 
You weigh 8 lbs exactly. 
You are 22.5 inches.
You have a Strong neck.
You hate tummy time. 
You have long legs and arms and newborn pants are like 3-4 inches short. 
You are very patient when jones wants to hold you. 
You have blonde hair and your eyelashes and eyebrows are starting to grow in. 
You are sleeping between 7-9 hours in a row at night - hello awesome! 
You are very alert when not screaming or sleeping. 
You have long beautiful perfect fingers.
You seem to control your hands very well and you like to rest them on your chin and cheek. 
We love you so much girlie we are so glad to have you here.
Love Mommy
Ps I took additional photos of you at three seperate times with the heat up and you just being fed and all are of you screaming or covering your face.  

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thea said...

Glad to hear she's sleeping so well since she screams so much. at least it's not at night!