Easter surprise

Uncle Jay surprised us for Easter coming to visit and meet baby Thea.  We did lots of fun things while he was here.  
Friday we went to lunch and picked Jonesy up from school early.  He showed Uncle Jay all his tricks - basketball and reading books and playdoh etc. it was a good surprise.  Ps jones say Jay as Dee sometimes Day mostly Dee.  
Saturday we went on an Easter Egg Hunt at the same farm we get our Christmas Tree.  They have a playground and little petting zoo and an Easter bunny too.  It was good fun.  Jones and Thea both wanted nothing to do with the bunny. 
Jones didn't understand the egg hunt and then was scared after one of the baby pine trees got him in the face.  We ended up moving eggs out of tall grasses so he could grab eggs easier. 
He was not scared a bit of feeding the goats and pigs though.  He loved it. 
We also liked that Easter candy was not in the eggs but tickets and prizes this made it more manageable.  As a reminder that we should bring baskets in the future. 
After a nap and some lunch we went into the city for the fountain square music festival.  Worried about Thea and the loud music inside we just enjoyed the show outside.  But it was still fun we did some dancing, people watching, and chalk drawing.  And jones dance moves were amazing. 
On Sunday we opened Easter baskets, went to church then had a picnic before a nap and then going to joes for supper. My kids also were not fans of the ears I got them although jones tolerated it for pictures. 
It was a great Easter surprise. 

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