18 - Baby Thea's Room

I went back and forth on what to do with Thea's room.  Like do we get her a crib or not?  Do we paint or not?  Do we put the rocker in there or not?  Remove carpet?  Do I buy a dresser etc. etc.  we did decide to get rid or the big dresser and full size bed even though room is going to remain the guest room.  My brother and sister in law found us a deal on the bed frame and it came with two dressers that we are going to paint for Jones's big kid room this summer.  We already had the twin sized mattress and box springs.  My sister had a tall dresser not being used it wasn't really my style but with a coat of spray paint it's much improved.  I painted the door and Kathleen did the heart on the wall.  The fans and name were from Aunt Alicia but I did paint them to match.  They fans had a horrible time staying up but I finally  got the push pins to hold them.  And the little gold table was in our living room I swapped the one from the room before because it was too nice to spray paint.  
My sister bought us the laundry hamper.  And I picked up the storage bins for $.50 at an after Christmas sale.  The pillows we actually already had.
I bought the quilt at target it was the right color so I don't feel bad for not making one, especially since eventually Thea will get Jones's crib and we will give him the bed and need another quilt.
I do plan to buy her a rug, make her a headband rack, and perhaps put up curtains but I am considering this project done.  FYI she currently sleeps in our room in the basket bed - so we don't yet have her sleeping in here.  

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thea said...

cute room .. which one is it?