29 months - Jonesburf

You ask a lot of questions everything is why why. 
You remember so many things.
You run and jump.
You are working on sharing.
You especially don't want to share with Thea.
You like to go bye bye.
Especially downtown or to the museum.
You make up stories when playing with your people or cars etc.
The other day you imagined that little cups were cars and you were showing them like daddy.
You claim Blueberry (the dog we baby sit) is your dog. 
You say "Blueberry baby sits me mom".
You like to draw and paint.  
You are left handed.
You love to call people on FaceTime.
You like when friends come over. 
You are starting to help yourself to things, and I think it means when need to put them up higher.
Potty training is still slow going especially when we are in public. 
Love you bunches. 
Mural at children's museum.

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