37 - Goodbye clothes

So getting rid of clothes is such a challenge for me.  I don't buy super fancy things 90% of my wardrobe is just plain Jane stuff.  But as I attempted to clean out my clothes I haven't wore in 18 months I found it sooooo hard.  I found that just getting rid of something that doesn't fit, or I don't even like I wanted to hold onto.  I have no idea why exactly but for some reason I found myself questioning getting rid of things.  
It's almost as if I am holding onto this imagine that women must have 1,000 items in their arsenal rather than the 40 or so pieces they really wear?  Do I really need 25 tank tops?  Of that one pink shirt that I can't stand the weird slit at the bottom?  Or those jeans that are like an inch too short?  Or those old bras that don't fit?
No.  But yet as I went threw this task I found myself questioning.  
I previously read about 50% of Marie Kondos - "Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up" book and while I found it over the top, like I am not hugging things or going thru every single thing I own, but I did start saying "does this spark joy?"  "Or do I feel comfortable when I wear it?" And this helped I pared down my original pile of maybe 8 things to be three piles which amounted to three trash bags of stuff to donate.
And just like that my drawers have space, and I feel a little lighter.  Bonus too 37 can be crossed off my list.

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thea said...

Way to go with the clothes .. I should probably do that myself.