13 Months Theaburf

Ahhh girlie! Your are so spunky!  You are very headstrong and will yell and point for things you don't know words for yet.  Everyday you challenge me and reward me.  You are something lady baby.  Here's a little list for this month...
Your are soo curious.
You want and demand to walk sometimes.
You also often demand I pick you up. 
You can say - No, Bad, dog, mommy, Daddy, Baby (which sounds like bobby), Jaa (Jones), hi, there, eat, bye, Nikki, Quack, duck.
You try and jump.
You walk and run.
You climb - everything!
You like to play outside.
You like to play inside.
You wave at people, all people.  You sometimes get annoyed they don't notice you.  
You try and wake Jones up from naps.
You like to make phone calls, fake and real.
You play peek a boo often and hide you eyes and yell eek-a-boo.

You like to sit at the craft table and find craft supplies jones didn't put up.
You loooove avocado and mac and cheese.
You also like to eat eggs, peas, carrots, carrots and chocolate.
You follow Jones around, but like to play independent from him although sometimes with him.
You have been hitting recently so we tell you to give hugs and kisses not hits.  You usually listen.
You adore taking a bath and moving water from container to container.
You help me move clothes from washer to dryer.
You like to climb into the dishwasher.
You sing along with abcs, and the coconut song.
Love you so much!

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thea said...

she is growing so fast! can't believe it's been 13 months.