Tuesday 10 - This Weeks Loves

1. Babies in Shorts
2. Homemade nachos for dinner

3. Our little garden - this year I planted less tomatoes and more strawberries, kale and zucchini.  I already had some cilantro and pumpkins coming in so I left them.  We also planted marigolds. 

4. The 100 Day Project - I am drawing cartoon faces (ps this is soooo challenging).

5. Face Coasters - I bought these for kathleen for her birthday they were super perfect and so fun!
6. My People - this past week my people brought me a machine to borrow while mine is down, fabric for my hexies, called me when I needed a call, inspired me, met me for a trip to target, brought dinner and just generally showed up.  sometimes it's the little moments.  

7. Getting Outdoors - I think I have mentioned before I am not really a big outdoorsy person I like a park in the city or a short hike at a national park.  This weekend we took the kids out into the woods by Dustin's childhood home.  There was no trail, no real destination and it was still nice.  I found a single mushroom, jones collected a bag of leaves and Thea got upset and couldn't walk thru the weeds.  But I didn't hate it - yay. 

8. Watermelon - this has been a go to treat for us this last week as I bought a big one which is a lot.
9. A good clean sink ( I washed all the pans and bleached the sink).  So fresh so clean.
10. Talking about bible stories with Jones.  I will have to post his story about Jesus and the fruit snacks in another post.

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