Tuesday 10 - Post Easter

This weeks list, which was actually started like two weeks ago!  Lol.  Some days just completely get away from me.

1. Warmer Days - this weekend was so good 

2. 100 calorie Guacamole - this is one of my favorite snacks, Thea loves this as her main course meal as well (super easy to grab and go to). 

3. Air Dry It - Style Cream super great for the work at home moms. 

4. United State of Indiana - I love supporting local.  I love the softness of their tees.  
5.  Calling my Congressman - I cannot even tell you how many calls I have placed.   

6. Planning Easter baskets and Easter Activities

7.  My New kicks (they are very retro)

8. Mini Trips
9. New Bras 

10. Preparing to plant our Garden. 

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