jonesburf 34 and 35 months

34 and 35 months together because real life happens.  Jones boy you are getting so big and so much smarter.  
You ask thoughtful questions and investigate how things work.  
You run, jump, and dance with such excitement and passion.
You get excited for berry picking or yard sailing.

You pretend things like cooking dinner, cleaning, and bad guys.
You have this sudden interest in "bang bangs" and everything becomes one.
You like to read books about Jesus and transformers and often surprise me remembering them.
You love your swimming pool.  
You love eating hot dogs or nachos. 
You are mostly potty trained but sometimes we have accidents.
You play so hard.
You are usually covered in big bits, bruises and scraps.
You like to help me fix dinner or work on projects.
You still call Thea your baby. 
You often look out for her and declare when she needs to be reigned in. 
You can identify additional letters, M, T, X.
You can sort by color or shape. 
You try and play daddy to get what you want. 

You don't fool mommy and you know it. 
You snuggle me when your tired. 
Love you much, mommy 

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thea said...

He's really getting big ..