Theaburf 14 months

I never finished Thea's 14 month post, and I started 15 months so I just ended it short.  
Dear Thea 
You wave at people, all people.  You sometimes get annoyed they don't notice you.  
You try and wake Jones up from naps.
You like to make phone calls, fake and real.
You play peek a boo often and hide you eyes and yell eek-a-boo.
You say oh so many things including I love you, everybody everywhere, and happy birthday.  
You run away from me when I call you.
You think you are big climbing chairs, drawers, and boxes.  
You try to jump.  
You try to brush your teeth all the time.  
You grimace when you do something wrong.  
Oh lady baby.
I love you mommy

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