Theaburf 15 months

15 months lady!  You are such a character.  You understand me and often have your own opinion.  You may not speak all the words but you find your way of communicating.
You now have 8 teeth finally!
You like veggies and mac and cheese and candy.
You vacillate on liking fruits.
You have trouble sleeping by yourself.
You know several body parts, nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, belly and feet.
You adore shoes.
You carry shoes around you often get mom or dads shoes to put on over yours. 
You like to carry a purse. 
You like dirt. 
You like playing outside.
You prefer not playing in the pool.
You love to get on the second level of the clubhouse.
You try so hard to jump.
You like to dance. 
You climb things like drawers.
You are growing hair.
You are around 21 lbs.

You like telling jones no.
You run away when I say come.
You touch things when I say not to.
You stand on the rail and flirt with disaster.
You like being on the edge of danger.
You are something little lady.
You are so loved.
Love mommy

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