Personal notes...

Jen - It's some kind of Bissell with all sorts of attachments, a hepa-filter (whatever that means) and it does no carpeted rooms too which is handing in the kitchen.

KT - Jay's not secretly scrapping but he had all the tickets from all the different events he's gone to in a box - concerts, races, basketball, baseball, football etc I guess it's a "manly" form of scrapping.

Janelle - I hear we are supposed to get a little snow tonight so perhaps you'll get some more as well. :o)


Janelle said...

I had to check weather.com. It looks like we may get some flurries anyway this weekend. It's definitely cold enough to snow now, which I'm glad about. I don't like to be cold... but I'd much rather be cold than feel like I need to wear summer clothes in January! LOL

rmeyfe said...

LOL!! Me too Janelle!!

Sounds cool about the vacuum. You are more than welcome to bring it with you when you come to visit Iowa, I have a whole house that you could show me all the cool stuff it does!! LOL!!